ARA Arquitectes s.l.p. D'ARA Arquitectes s.l.p. is an architecture office, registered by the architectural
association, and founded in 1998 with his headquarter in Jávea (Alicante, Spain). It is a comprehensive
team of architects and experts, with wide formation and experience at all stages of project

The main focus of the work of D'ARA Arquitectes s.l.p. is on residential projects (single family houses,
townhouses, residential buildings and reformations), urban planning, commercial constructions
and office buildings.

Our technical and professional Know-How allows us the processing and realization of all project phases:
Project development, Preliminary Design, Building permits planning, Execution planning, Interior design,
Static calculations, Construction site management, Development of urban design, Technical experts
(like investigation of damages on reinforced concrete structures), Energy certifications, Consulting.

We develop project-specific solutions tailored to the respective customer: with individual style and economical
adequacy (for example project 2005-0278, 2007-0429, 2006-0333, 2005-0265, 2009-0668, 2009-0637).
You can find some of our projects in journals: for example the projects . ( 2003-0123, 1999-3012)

Projects for investors, with a direct relationship to the final client and therefore each apartment can be adapted
to the final customer (for example . 2005-0272, 2006-0382,1999-1505)

To coordinate all planning phases, we realize all static calculations of our projects. At the same time,
we develop for further professionals static concepts and calculations. The realization of architectural concepts
with consideration of the static requirements, allows maximum integration of the structure in the architecture
(for example: 2004-0232, 2000-0000B, 2006-0382, 2009-0692).

We assume that the architect, who deals with the design of the habitat, is the most suited for the urban design:
from urban planning to the implementation of architectural projects .
(1998-0101, 2006-0371)

A great future remit which demands specific knowledge about the history of buildings, the technical
possibilities and aesthetic needs to find the best solution for any intervention
( 2001-0000, 2006-0410, 2009-0639, 2009-0655)